Search what you want, friends, THEN request.

I have a LOT though.






Haven’t updated in a lonnnnng time.

I plan on it though.

School has been kicking my ass.

But it’s almost over.

And once I re-vamp my iTunes and everything (because it needs some serious organizing)  I’ll get some uploads in.

You wouldn’t imagine the amount of songs I downloaded recently.   There’s so many that I can’t possibly keep track of them to load them on 4shared and go through all that.  So what I’m gonna do is upload them on Mediafire pretty soon, all of the songs, sort them into folders and let you all have at it.  because I dislike 4shared anyways.  🙂

Finally, got all the songs uploaded!  Even requests! ^^  Enjoy 🙂

Yesssss, finally, got some time so I uploaded a TON of new songs.  Only half of them are up, though, because I ran out of time (it’s like 70 songs total, including requests <3).  So yeah, the first portion’s already up, so go for it! xD  I’ll get the second half in ASAP!

Hey, listen, I’m uber sorry for not updating my songs.  I really have been wanting to, really, I have, but I haven’t had much time for that lately.  I’ll be back in action as soon as I can though 😀

I uploaded 14 new songs today, check ’em out. 😀

I also updated Romeo and Cinderella and Miyako Wasure.  Romeo and Cinderella’s now a higher quality, because the last one was pretty bad sounding to me.  Miyako Wasure is now the complete song, instead of the complete song minus 10-15 seconds at the end like the last one.  I also updated I Like You, I Love You, because the old one was pretty crappy quality too.  xD If you downloaded any of those songs from me, then I suggest you re-download them.  ^^

I know it’s been a while since I’ve uploaded anything new, trust me, I plan on it, it’s just that things have been really busy soooooo yeah. 🙂

I uploaded a total of like 19-20 something songs between yesterday and today.  Check them out, yo. 😀

I’m actually able to upload songs on this computer, it’s actually a lot faster than I thought. xD  So until we can get our laptop working (which I think will be really soon) I’ll try to upload a few new songs every day, just to keep it going.  I uploaded two new ones yesterday, Anti The ~ Holic by Luka and Rin, and a Miku cover of Tommy February6’s Lonely in Gorgeous. 🙂